We provide a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products for your enjoyment.

Our menu includes Marijuana Buds, Hashish, Extracts and Edibles.

Please make your choices from the items below. Add up the total, add the shipping fee, then send us an email to get payment and ordering info.

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Usually we can provide the strain you request, but we reserve the right to substitute strains as supply demands.


Top Grade = These are well-grown, higher-end strains. Potent, fragrant, tasty and clean-burning. You can request a mixed variety of strains.

Mid Grade = Decent quality, more generic strains. Less flavour and potency than the Top Grade. Usually only one or two types of Mid Grade are available at a time.

Low Grade = These buds will be outdoor-grown, or lower-quality indoor buds. We usually only have one Low Grade strain at at time. We also offer the "Shake Blend" as a Low Grade option, it's a mix of all our bag-ends from the Top and Mid Grade strains.

Top GradeMid GradeLow Grade
3g - $453g - $403g - $35
7g - $857g - $707g - $60
14g - $15014g - $12014g - $100
28g - $28528g - $23028g - $185
56g - $55056g - $45056g - $355

Top Grade StrainsMid Grade Strains 
Organic Purple Kush (indica)
Crystally purple hued nugs. Clean kushy nose. Smooth smoke and a reliable steady high.
Bubba Kush (cross)
Nice dank nose. Burns clean, great stone.
Nebula (mainly sativa)
Originally bred by Paradise seeds. Frosty medium to large sized buds. Citrus nose, trippy cerebral high. Nice clean burn.
C-warp (mostly sativa)
Top shelf outdoor - An awesome cross between C-weed and Timewarp. Medium sized piney smelling buds. Delicious
Burmese x Haze (mostly sativa)
Frosty green nugs, fruity nose, uplifting alert high, with a nice calm body buzz. Smooth smoke, burns great!
(sativa) This delicious African strain is a combination of Bangi Congo x Congo#3 x Chitral. Has a pungent, exotic smell and flavour to it. Super energetic heady buzz, good for an active lifestyle. Burns really nice and clean.
Rumour has it that the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world. they bred many new super hybrids in the late 1960s. Allegedly, a single cutting of this plant was liberated by an unnamed technician and bred for the masses. Has a piney earthy nose - burns clean with an uplifting euphoric high. This batch smokes nice but it's been poorly manicured, so I'm handing out a bit of a deal on this one: one bonus gram per 7g. So it's 8g for the price of 7, 16g for the price of 14, and 32g for the price of 28.
King Kush (indica)
King Kush derives from OG Kush and Grape Ape and contains flavors of citrus, pine and kush. With gradual but powerful effects, King Kush is famous for its potency and shiny trichromes during flowering. This strain comes across as sweet and sour with a powerful and tangy grape nose.
Chemo (indica)
Rumored to be created by the Canadian government in the 1970's to help cancer patients. Good for pain and nausea relief. Dense medium sized buds. Hashy nose, strong stone.
Thai Lights (mostly sativa)
The high is extremely cerebral without causing jitteriness or paranoia. Slight body effects are noted in this strain and it would be great to treat such ailments as depression, migraines, minor pain relief, and arthritis. Medium sized with a fruity nose - burns clean - smooth smoke.
Dog Pound (cross)
The only knowledge I have of this strain is that it super fine and there is only a little bit - - - Found it in the closet without a label. Fun.
Headband (indica)
Headband is a combination of OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel, super sweet big buds - loads of crystals. Awesome smoke - good for pain. Beautiful.
Pink Kush (cross)
This is one of my favourite kush strains. It is sativa dominant and very strong. An energetic and fun high. Sticky dark green buds with lots of resin. Great deep nose.
Rockstar (cross)
A local favourite. OG Kush x Lemon Thai. Light green tight buds with lots of crystal. Strong kushy nose. Very powerful stone.


Hashish is the extracted resin from a marijuana plant. Hashish can be sticky or hard, powdery or pressed, and color ranges between light green, brown and black, depending on potency and how it is made.

Top Grade = These are usually made using cold-water extraction and sieving with "bubblebags". This product usually comes unpressed, and is best smoked in small quantities on a screen in a pipe or bong. Our A Grade hashes are not "full melt" but they are strong and clean.

Mid Grade = These are usually dry-sift, kif or imported hash varieties. Will range between hard pressed, crumbly and unpressed, powder form.

Top GradeMid Grade
1g - $401g - $20
3g - $1053g - $55
7g - $2157g - $120
14g - $39514g - $225
28g - $77028g - $440

Top Grade StrainsMid Grade Strains
Organic Purple Kush (indica)
Unpressed, water extracted, deliciously pure.
Happy Hash (Cross)
Dry ice extraction,dark blond powder, binds when pressed. Burns super clean with a fantastic nose. Great stone.
Organic Durban Blond (mostly indica)
Sandy dry lighter brown powder with small chunks that loosely binds when pressed. A medium nose with good flavour, spicy exhale and a noticeably heady stone.
Lebanese (indica) Black and pressed. Very "pepery" scent that is very similar to a darker Indian hash - old school. Proper. Chill stone.
Organic Uptown (cross)
Mixed darker and lighter blond small chunks and powder that bind when pressed with a mild eastern flavour and a potent stone.
Kali Haze ( mostly sativa)
Kali Haze is a superb blend of energetic Sativa high and dependable Indica performance. Light brown dry power - super nose - burns clean.
Green Goddess Pressed Kush (indica)
A tasty mix of Bubba, Pink, and Ki kushes - with a touch of Hashplant. CO2 extracted. Hand pressed. Kick ass smoke.
Organic East Side (cross)
Dry, hard, medium to small nugs with a darker brown colour  that crumble under pressure. Eastern old school flavour and a potent dominantly heady stone.
Organic Afghan Gold (indica)
Medium brown in colour , with a slight spicy flavour, small compressed pieces that bind well when pressed, clean white smoke and ash ,mainly heady stone with a slight body buzz.


Amber Oil = !! This is a thick, viscous translucent oil sold in 1-gram vials (will vary from 0.9-1.1g). It is great smoking with hot knives, in a bong or just for smearing onto your rolling paper. Just heat the vial up with a lighter to make spreading easy.

BK Budder = Budder King is our exclusive supplier of this extremely strong, super potent product, made through isopropyl extraction. Only a tiny amount (0.05 gram) is needed to produce a soaring, sweat-inducing stone. It becomes more solid as you cool it and much more sticky when warmed up.

Margarine = This is a product similar to BK Budder, but using butane to extract the THC from the bud instead of isopropyl. Very potent. Soft, chalky texture when at room temperature. The same methods apply for consuming this product as for the BK Budder.

Amber OilBudderMargarine
1g - $650.5g - $550.5g - $30
2g - $1201g - $951g - $55
3g - $1802g - $1802g - $105
7g - $3653g - $2603g - $150
14g -$7107g - $5607g - $330


When trying a pot food product for the first time, don't overdo it. Effects are usually noticeable within 45 minutes of ingestion, full effects within 2 hours, duration 3-5 hours. Onset rate can differ. We recommend ingesting on an empty stomach for maximum effect. Do not drive or swim after eating any marijuana foods.

Cookies = Cookies are of a standardized strength, but effects will vary depending on body weight and if your stomach is empty. 1-2 cookies is one dose. Please choose between our simple sugar cookies or the new pecan shortbread.

Budder Bars = Big tasty granola bar with rolled oats, rice krispies, almonds, nuts, and BudderKing Budder. 1/3 of a bar is one dose.

Honey Jar = 100ml jar of marijuana-infused, edible honey. Contains 10 standard 10ml (2tsp) doses. Pleasant, relaxing effect.

Canna Gels = Gelatin capsules with 40mg of BK Budder dissolved in organic grape seed oil. Standard dose is 2 capsules, heavy dose up to 6 capsules. Clear, focused and productive stone with minimal burnout.

CookiesBudder BarsHoney JarsCanna Gels
3 - $151 - $10half-jar: - $253 - $20
6 - $303 - $301 jar - $506 - $35
12 - $556 - $503 - $14012 - $65
24 - $10012 - $1006 - $26024 - $120
50 - $20024 - $18512 - $50048 - $220


Bud Sampler $95Hash Sampler $100Extract Sampler $130Edible Sampler $50
3g Top Grade
3g Mid Grade
3g Low Grade
2g Top Grade
2g Mid Grade
0.5g Budder
0.5g Margarine
1g Amber Oil
3 cookies
1 budderbar
1/2 honey jar

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